–   Brief name: HACC1., JSC
–   Charter Capital: VNĐ ( Inwords: Eighty billion vietnamdongs)
–   Tax Code: 0100105782
–   Address of Head office: Số 59 phố Quang Trung,
–   Tel: (+84) 439426957 – (+84) 439426966             Fax:  (+84) 439426956
–   Website: www.hacc1.com.vn           Email: kttt.cc1@gmail.com


  •   Main business Lines:
  • Building industrial, civil, traffic works (bridge, road, airport, wharf,…), irrigation works (dyke, dam, canal, ditch,…), post offices, urban infrastructure work and industrial zone, power line, transformer station.
  • Investment in housing development, tourism trade (international, domestic travel)
  • Manufacturing, trading construction material and raw material (brick, tile, concrete components, steel, wooden works, metal components and parts.).
  • Investment in building and trading urban and industrial zones infrastructure.
  • Investment in trading real estate (excluding consulting services on land rent) restaurants, hostel, hotels (excluding business on bars, karaoke rooms, discotheque).
  • Investment in construction, business and transfer (BOT) hydroelectric, traffic projects.
  • Building and installing fire prevention and fighting system, water drainage and supply works and pumping stations.
  • Installing and repairing engineering water and mechanic equipment, civil, industrial electric equipment, power-machine, electric-refrigeration equipment and thermal domestic equipment.
  • Trading in import-export machine, equipment, materials of all kinds, petroleum, and construction material.


  •   Result of business activities of Company for past 5 years:

Turnover and profit (after tax) of Company have been showned as follows:


Year Unit Turnover Profit
2010 Billion dong 830 24
2011 Billion dong 1.194 28
2012 Billion dong 1.807 16
2013 Billion dong 1.043 13
2014 Billion dong 1.059 13


  •    Chart of turnover and profit growth over the years


  •   Activities of Joint-Venture Companies:
Name of Joint-Venture Company Name of Members Main business activities


1.Gamvico Joint-Venture Construction Company

(Total legal capital:

1.700.000 USD)

– Hanoi Construction JSC No.1 (Formerly Construction Company No. 1)

– Gammon Group – Hongkong

Construction of civil works,  infrastructure works
2.Tourism trading construction development & investment JSC.)

(Total legal capital:

20 billion dongs)

– Hanoi Construction JSC No.1 (Formerly Construction Company No. 1)

-International trading and investment JSC. (under Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam)

– Hiep Phuc tourist and trading Co., Ltd.

– Long Giang urban development and investment JSC.

– Bac Ha investment JSC.

-Trading and housing development construction JSC.

– Vietnam IIG trading JSC.

-Hanoi civil engineering Company

– Construction of civil works, industrial works, infrastructure works.

-Real estate business, commercial investment brokerage service.



  •   Public activities:

Hanoi construction Joint Stock Company No1 under Hanoi Construction Corporation is proud of being one of leading enterprises Which have actively participated in the social activities and consider these activities as a part of one’s small responsibilities to the Society, and tries to contribute more and more to the growth and prosperity of country.

And indeed, the community activities have been implemented over the years as follows:

  • Build houses for difficult families;
  • Take care of Vietnam heroic mother;
  • Give the Gifts for the poors, difficult families, , invalids – sick soldiers;
  • Support for the Victims of the flood disasters.