First of all, Hanoi construction JSC No1 (HACC1) would like to send warmly greetings to all of you!

Established from 1958 and with the construction mission of first properties of Vietnam, up to now, we have been one of the leading construction company of Vietnam.

Over 50 years to develop and get many experiences, we are proud of leaving our hallmark on all the remarkable projects of the country such as Thuong Dinh industrial zone, Yen Phu and Phap Van water supply plant, Ba Dinh Meeting-Hall, Deawoo hotel, Hanoi tower…, and recently, national convention center, BIDV tower, Keangnam Hanoi Landmark tower…

Along with major projects’ success, we have also attracted a powerful personnel resource with high technology and management qualification and wide experiences. With the motto that Man is considered as enterprise’s important one and goal, we have continuously invested in employing, training activities of new human resource, enhancing qualification for superior personnel and meet higher and higher requirements from the market.

With the advantages of being core labour force in all great projects nationwide, we have accumulated and invested in a large number of equipments such as formwork scaffolding, tower cranes, road building equipments, foundation equipments… to well meet the demand of production machanism and special structure work.

Transfering to type of joint stock company, we have got great opportunities to develop our business, but have difficulties and challenges in harsh & competitive environment. In order to maintain the leading position, we always update the new method of management, new technology, equipments and thinking. So, the first thinking choosen is “Customer is centre”. Both each one member’s and our operations direct to the goal: “Supply better products for our Customers than their expectation”.

We look forward to receiving co-operation from all of you – our customers, our partners and our personnel… We hope that each one of you will find pleasure and chances in working with us.

                   Chairman                                                                                General director