Cao Xanh 1
Invest projects
Infrastructure of Cao Xanh urban zone, Ha Khanh B

Cao Xanh – Ha Khanh B, a new urban area planned in Ha Long town – Quang Ninh province, is considered as one of a strategic projects to become a new urban zone with the synchronous infrastructure system, meet the requirements of architectural space and create favorable living environment for residents. It has contributed to the master plan of Ha Long city.

Perspective 1
Invest projects
Apartment building 2.6 Le Van Luong (Times Tower)

Located on lot 2.6 Le Van Luong street- Hanoi, being a favorable place in new planned area of Hanoi, Times Tower has synchronous infrastructure system, adjacent to urban areas, such as: Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh, The Manor, Trung Yen …, National Convention Center, Big C super Market, services, schools and health centers.

Invest projects
N03-T5 apartment building in Hanoi Diplomatic compound

Located on the main road – Nguyen Van Huyen -Pham Van Dong, going straight to the city center, connects Noi Bai International Airport, the N03-T5 apartment building project is planned to meet the demands of offices, houses and other buildings for the Embassy of Vietnam in the country, Representative offices, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, houses for foreigners working in Hanoi…

Chung cu C4-Xuan Dinh
Invest projects
Apartment building C4 Xuan Dinh

Next to the largest Park of Hanoi Hoa Binh Park, Residential building C4 is designed with beautiful architecture, modern interior, and especially, fresh and quiet space.